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Continuing Education

Books and Documentaries

Books and documentaries are a great way to get in some continuing education hours from the comfort of your own home! All the titles in these lists can be used for continuing education hours. If you have a book or film that is not listed, please contact your volunteer supervisor to see if it will qualify for educational hours.


Continuing Education Hours:

  • 4 hrs per book with a readers response sheet submitted 

  • Documentaries: length of film with documentary response submitted

Once you finish the book/documentary, you must complete the review sheet and turn it in to Alyssa at the CASA office or through email at AND input it into Optima to receive credit.

You can also watch Instant Family for 2 hours of continuing education credit

Or the Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix for 5.5 hours of continuing education credit

Recorded Virtual Trainings 2021

Continuing education hours depend on how long the recorded training lasts (usually 1-2 hours)

CASA Conversation Café

Come join us for a night of discussing conversational topics regarding your CASA cases. Have a chance to talk with other volunteers about how they handle certain situations and work through common problems CASA volunteers run into. Food will be provided.

2 hours of continuing education credit


If you are an active CASA volunteer and have a Facebook account, please join our CASA of Rock County Active Volunteers group. We post about upcoming events, make polls for you to choose the best days/times for in-services and can connect you with other volunteers!

This group is private, so you will need to request to join the group and we will accept you asap. If you are already in the group please invite other advocates if they are your friend on Facebook!


Book Clubs

WI CASA Volunteers Online Book Club

The director of Dane County CASA is starting an Online book club for CASA volunteers. Please contact Meaghan at for questions/more info. They will be using Goodreads page/app, so can you create an account (how to below- very simple process), and then join the group "CASA Book Club LP Wis"

You can create your account on this page:

If you downloaded the app, you'll want to tap the Sign Up button on the main screen of the app. Just enter your name, email, and new password, and you'll be good to go!  

To join the group " CASA Book Club LP Wis " you can search within goodreads or you can follow this link:



Foster Care: A Path to Reunification - Part 1

'Foster Care: A Path to Reunification – Part 1' shares the work of the Center for Family LifeVisit disclaimer page, an organization that aims to stabilize families by providing an array of neighborhood-based family and social services in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Foster care is one of their programs, and families involved in the center’s foster care program are linked to other services to address the family’s specific needs. As a neighborhood-based organization, they also work to ensure children in foster care can continue to attend their current schools and maintain their social and family connections, where appropriate.

1 hour continuing ed credit

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