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Continuing Education

CASA volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing education each year. Below are some educational resources to fulfill that requirement.


Here is the link to our Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Education. 

Books and Documentaries

Books and documentaries are a great way to get in some continuing education hours from the comfort of your own home! All the titles in these lists can be used for continuing education hours. If you have a book or film that is not listed, please contact your volunteer supervisor to see if it will qualify for educational hours.


Continuing Education Hours:

  • 4 hours per book with a review submitted in Optima

  • Documentaries: length of film with review submitted in Optima

Once you finish the book/documentary, you must complete a response in Optima to receive credit.

Click here for a full list of books that count towards continuing education hours. 


​​Podcasts are a resource for Advocates to hear real-life scenarios regarding Foster Care, Social Workers, and other CASA's stories in order to provide the best advocacy for the children. 


Casa Delaware Live Podcasts


Aged Out: The Stories that Built Us Podcast



Unbelievably Resilient Podcast

CASA on the Go: Continuing Education for CASA Volunteers

CASA of Rock County Book Club

A couple times a year, we plan a book club. Advocates read the book on their own time and we come together to talk about what we learned and how it applies to our own experiences.


If you would like to get on the list of Book Club, let Megan know at

Connecting with Other CASA's via Facebook

If you are an active CASA volunteer and have a Facebook account, please join our CASA of Rock County Active Volunteers group. We post about upcoming events, and can connect you with other volunteers! This group is private, so you will need to request to join the group and we will accept you asap. If you are already in the group, please invite other advocates if they are your friend on Facebook!

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