Summertime for Foster Kids

School is over and summertime fun is here!

This is the time kids look forward too. Hanging out with friends, having sleepovers, and going on trips or to camps. But when you’re a child in foster care, summer does not mean you get to take a break from your unpredictable life.

Summertime for foster kids often is a source of depression and anxiety. Many times when children are put into foster care, they end up changing schools. Plus, if they are constantly changing foster placements, there is even more of a chance that these children will be switching schools AGAIN. Creating friendships that will last over summer can be difficult for these kids, especially if they are changing schools mid-year. On average, kids lose up to 6 months of academic progress every time they move. This puts them behind in school, creating more distance between them and their fellow classmates.

Family vacations and small trips are also a big stressor for foster kids and their families. Now every time they want to take a vacation, it must be approved by all the parties in the slow moving court system. Their summer fun can then be delayed for weeks.

This is why CASA volunteers are so important. Not only do we strive to help move cases along quicker, but we also make time to visit our CASA kiddos once a week so they have a friend and caring adult to look forward to seeing. Reunification for children with their families is something we all strive for to help kids have the care-free summer they deserve!

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