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COVID-19 Resources 

Advocacy Resources 

The guidelines and recommendations regarding COVID-19 seem to be ever-changing, and we continue to adapt as necessary. The CDC and Rock County have issued new guidance regarding masks, and CASA is doing the same. CASA continues to encourage all advocates to wear a mask when entering private homes for CASA business. If advocates are fully vaccinated and have received permission from those they are meeting with, they may then remove their face coverings. Advocates entering businesses during interactions with the children or families should follow the guidelines of those establishments. If you are unvaccinated or not yet at the two weeks past your last shot, it is expected you continue to wear a mask when indoors with others. Social distancing and outside contact are still highly recommended when possible.

While we work to get back to normal, we need to continue to be aware of our own and others' comfort levels and choices. As always, everyone, including those wearing masks and those who are not, should be treated with courtesy and respect. If you are not comfortable engaging in face-to-face meetings, please do not feel pressured to do so and contact your supervisor if you need additional support. Virtual options can still occur.

At this time, court hearings continue to be held virtually, except for jury trials.

Zoom Etiquette and How-To-Use

As we continue to have meetings and hearings using Zoom or other virtual platforms due to Covid-19, we have developed a list of guidelines and reminders for you to help keep our meetings professional.

Please read the full Virtual Meeting Etiquette PDF.

If you need help using Zoom for the first time, click here for a quick how-to OR here for a longer step-by-step with pictures.

CASA for the Child Blog

Our most recent blog posts give helpful advice and resources for volunteers to continue advocating during this time. Click here to visit our blog website which includes "Resources and Advocacy from a Distance"


Ways to Stay in Contact 

Click here to see our most recent COVID-19 and Visitation Policies for Advocates

  1. Phone Calls: Keep in contact with everyone involved in your families case with a regular phone call.

  2. FaceTime: You can use it from any iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac, to call anyone else  who is also using any one of those devices.

  3. Google Duo: Can be downloaded on any mobile device for free. Once downloaded it works just as FaceTime would for Apple users. Both participants on the call must have the app downloaded.

  4. Skype: This is also free to download and works on all phones, tablets and computers with webcams. All the participants in the call must have a Skype account and share their username with you to be able to call them.

*All of these options can have multiple participants on one call for group conferencing! 

 Virtual Ideas with Kids

  1. Play cards/a board game

  2. Crossword puzzle

  3. I spy

  4. Show n' tell

  5. Read a book

  6. Help with their schoolwork

  7. Hangman

  8. Color together

  9. Eat snacks together

  10. Do a virtual tour together *some examples are listed below

  11. Tell stories

  12. Go on a scavenger hunt

  13. Virtual Tours

14. Virtual Field Trips from home - Thank you Ben and Luke for research

Keep up with COVID-19 on the CDC's website

WI CASA Association has a full COVID-19 Resource page, click here to view it.

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