Sponsor a CASA Child

Please consider sponsoring a CASA Child
Cost Per Child

It costs approximately $1,200 a year (or $100 a month) to advocate for one child.  Even with volunteer advocates there are cost associated with:
  • Marketing - All advertising, recruitment and outreach efforts.
  • Training Costs - this includes the initial 30 hour training session along with the 12 hours of annual in-service required for all volunteers.
  • Screening Costs - all our volunteers must pass a thorough background check and screening process.
  • Support and Administrative Costs - all our volunteers are trained and supervised by the CASA Director and Volunteer Coordinator.  
  • Office Supplies - Monthly reports are mailed to the caseworkers, attorneys and judges involved in each case.  
  • Time - Every monthly report submitted by a CASA volunteer is reviewed and edited for objectivity by the CASA supervisors.

Recognition for you, community groups and businesses

Businesses, groups and/or  individuals that sponsor a CASA child will receive the following:

  • Placement of your logo on our website along with recognition of your generous gift.
  •  Quarterly updates on your CASA child with information on how the case is progressing, how the child is coping and the final outcome of the case.
  • Placement of CASA child silhouette at your business, church or office to show your support.
CASA understands the need for complete transparency on how our funds are used.  We want you to be confident that your gift is directly helping a CASA child.  We welcome any questions and will gladly provide additional information to you about your donation.
Please contact our director, Kim Churchill at (608) 305-0187 f you would like more information.
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